Band Handbook WRHS 'Pride' Band Handbook

    This group performs at all football games, several Marching Contests the Walnut Ridge Christmas Parade, Concerts, and Concert Festival. The band follows a regular after school rehearsal schedule; any changes are announced in advance through the Remind App. Performances are viewed as major tests. Absences from performances are only excused in the event of an extreme emergency: serious illness, hospitalization of the student, death in the family, or other reasons deemed excusable by the band director. Any unexcused absence will result in the loss of at least one letter grade and possibly being removed from the activity. Rehearsal absences or tardiness will affect a student's daily grade. Please consider the band's calendar of events when scheduling family activities. Students that miss any performance will not be allowed to attend the state football play-off games.

    Behavior Guidelines - All school rules and policies are in effect at all band functions. - Band Members are expected to be in the band room (or other designated area), seated, with equipment ready, at the time designated by the director.  After any performance, put away all equipment properly. Non-band personnel should wait outside the band room to help limit confusion and expedite dismissal. - Band members will not play on or play with the equipment of others. If you see someone picking up an instrument or equipment that is not theirs, remind them.  Food and drink are not allowed in the stands at football games. You will be given a break during third quarter. When you re-enter the band section, get rid of your food and drinks without being told.  Band members only in the Band section of the stadium.  Your uniform is to be complete at all times when in public. Jewelry, nail polish, and student - selected accessories are not permitted. Students are responsible for dry-cleaning costs. The only headgear worn with the uniform is that provided by the Band. All band members must have clean black marching shoes for performance which can be ordered through the band. Any other all-black lace-up shoe must be brought to the director for approval prior to performance. Members of the Color Guard are also required to provide the appropriate footwear. Make-up, jewelry, and hair style are as much a part of the uniform as the uniform itself. Guidelines for these will be established and members will be expected to conform. Band Council The Band Council is a group of students who serve as advisors and a "junior staff" for the band program. Band Council members are expected to be the first students to arrive for rehearsal, the first on line, the first to have music memorized and the last to leave rehearsal. Good leaders know that respect comes from peers only when it is earned. Council members are also considered a part of The Leadership Team. - President: The primary liaison between the band students and the director. Responsible for organizing activities of the council. Chief contact for band director, staff, and parents whenever student input or assistance is required. - Vice-President: First responsibility is the planning and implementation of activities of social and motivational nature. Is also responsible for assisting directors with recruiting strategies. Assists the President with council activities. - Historian/Reporter: Responsible for communicating with media outlets regarding band activities and awards received. Is also responsible for compiling a yearly band scrapbook. - Secretary/Treasurer: Maintains minutes from each band council meeting, is responsible for tracking band council funds and takes daily attendance. - Field commander: Assumes the role of the band leader in all marching formations. Assists the director and inspects the ranks. - Class Representatives: Relays the perspective of their classification to the council. Leadership Team The Leadership Team should strive to always set an example by their behavior. It is an obligation of Team members to keep the director and staff informed about any situation which might hinder the progress of the Band program. - Section Leaders: These appointments are made by the director and are not based on popularity but rather musical accomplishment, service, dedication and loyalty. - Equipment Manager: Primary responsibility is that of equipment and materials manager. Arranges student workers for loading and unloading of equipment for transport, moving equipment either on or off campus, and procurement of any equipment or supplies that might be needed. - Uniform Manager: Responsible for uniforms and accessories. Inspects uniforms weekly for cleanliness and neatness. Bus Rules - All students must travel to any off - campus activity on the bus. If you wish to ride home from an event with your parents, you must be signed out by them, in person. Students will be released only to parents or guardians. Only the director may release students, not chaperons or staff. This policy is for your protection as well as ours. - Buses are loaded in an orderly fashion. (We generally load in descending order by grade. Respect this'll get to be a senior someday, too.) - Hands, arms and other body parts must remain inside the bus at all times. Parents Parents are an important part of the Walnut Ridge Band, and have a vital role to play. There are many things parents can do: - Attend Band Parent meetings. - Volunteer for parent committees. There are many different tasks with which we need your assistance: chaperon, uniforms, transportation, equipment handling, concessions, sewing, and publicity are just a few of the areas we need filled. - Assist your child to be prepared and punctual for every rehearsal and performance. - Notify the director if your child is to be absent or late for performance or rehearsal. This should be done in advance unless in absolute emergency situations. -Encourage your child to practice at home and help them find a quiet place to do so. -Show your interest and support in your child's music study by enthusiastically attending every performance possible. - Arrange for private lessons for your child, if at all possible. Chaperons are extensions of the authority of the director. These people work hard, and the only payment they receive is our appreciation. Be respectful, polite, cooperative, and remember that the words "Thank You" cost you nothing but are highly valued by the recipient.