Vanessa Hufstedler - BUSINESS

Textbook: Century 21 Principles of Accounting 11E - Prerequisites: TDA/Survey of Business 

What is Accounting and why should you take it?

This is a one year course with an emphasis on basic accounting principles as they relate to both manual and computerzied financial systems. Entry-level skills in accounting occupations can be attained. An accounting simulation software is used to evaluate learning.

Who should take Accounting?

Everyone should know these foundational skills. Students planning on attending college and majoring in Accounting, Finance, or any Business degree, should take Accounting in high school. Also, students who are interested in starting their own business. All businesses must have some sort of accounting procedure-from beauty shops to grocery store to medical offices and farms. 

Class Competencies

* Basic accounting cycle

* Cash control

* Payroll accounting

* Banking procedures

* Explore accounting careers         

* Ethical work actions