1-Spiral Notebook (wide rule)             2-Packages of #2 Pencils             1-Package of Loose Leaf Paper 

1-Package of Black Dry Expo Markers        4-24 Count Box of Crayons         1-1inch Binder 

1-Package of Tab Dividers (5 tabs)            1- Safety Scissors                     3-Packages of Glue Sticks 

1- Headphones with wires                  Backpack               Water Bottles (water fountains will be closed due to covid)                                                 Chapstick                                     Lotion Small Bottle

Optional Items that would be helpful for our classroom are: 

Box of Kleenex, Bottle of Hand Sanitizer, Highlighters.

Parents if you would like to help below are items I could use to help when it is to cold to go out. 

For inside recess parents I was hoping you could help me out. If possible can you purchase a 24 piece puzzle for your child and a small box of leggos. These will be for your child only and they will have seperate bins to ensure their safty. Thank you for your understanding and help. 

**You can get puzzles at the Dollar Tree for $1.00. I believe that they also have the leggos at Dollar Tree as well.**